List of Races with Belt Buckles

The extinguishing of anguish from running a 100mile race is best served on a large belt buckle. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of races that award them to finishers. It may not be the main reason you run, but it might help you decide when trying to figure out which race you plan to book next season.

Across the Years 100

  1. If you complete 100 miles you will receive an antique bronze/copper buckle.
  2. If you complete 200 miles you will receive a larger antique silver buckle.
  3. If you complete 300 miles you will receive a larger antique gold buckle.
  4. If you complete 400, 500 or 600 miles you will now also receive a buckle with your mileage tier.

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Angeles Crest 100

Q: What type of awards do runners who complete the race get?
A: Finisher: t-shirt, buckle, and a plaque. For a sub-24 hour finish, a very special buckle.

angeles crest 100 race belt buckle


The Bear 100

Awards All entrants will receive a beautiful t-shirt with a distinctive design. Finishers receive an engraved plaque indicating the date of the event and their finish time and place. They also receive a belt buckle reflective of their time: a Black Bear buckle for times between 30-36 hours, a Grizzly Bear buckle for times between 24-30 hours, and a Wolverine buckle for times under 24 hours. Winners, in addition to the items above, will receive large custom-engraved pine plaques documenting their accomplishment.

The Bear 100


Beast of Burden 100

Beast of Burden 100 Belt Buckle


Cascade Crest Classic 100

Cascade Crest Classic 100 buckle


Coyote 2 Moon

Coyote 2 Moon


Grand Teton Trail 100 / Yellowstone Teton Races

Yellowstone Teton Races


Headlands 100(No Longer offered)

Headlands 100


H.U.R.T. 100

H.U.R.T. 100 belt buckle


Iron Horse(Florida) 100

Iron Horse(Florida) 100 belt buckle


Javelina Jundred 100

Each runner finishing the 100 Mile race under the 30 hour cutoff will receive a Javelina Jundred 100 Mile finisher’s belt buckle. Those completing the race in less than 24 Hours will receive a larger, Sub-24 hour Javelina Jundred finisher’s belt buckle.

All runners completing the 100 Kilometer race under the 29 hour cutoff or who started the 100 Mile race and finish at least 4 laps under the overall cutoff will receive a 100K finisher’s belt buckle. (Please note that if you drop from the 100 Mile race, you will be listed as a DNF and not included in the 100K results although you still earn a belt buckle). All awards will be presented at the finish line when you complete your race.

Javelina Jundred 100 belt buckle


Leadville Trail 100

Awards Ceremony will be held at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Lake County Middle School gymnasium. All awards and finisher buckles will be presented at this time and must be picked up in person at the Lake County Middle School gymnasium. Participants who finish before the 25-hour cutoff will receive large buckles, while those that finish before the 30-hour cutoff but over the 25-hour cutoff will receive small buckles.

Leadville Trail 100 belt buckle


Massanutten Mountain 100

All finishers will receive an engraved belt buckle—silver for under 24 hours, pewter otherwise. There will be awards for the male and female winners in the categories noted below. At least two competitors must start the race in a category for an award to be earned.

Massanutten Mountain 100 belt buckle


McNaughton Park 100 / Potawatomi Trail Runs

McNaughton Park 100 / Potawatomi Trail Runs


Mohican Trail 100

Mohican Trail 100 belt buckle


Mother Road 100(No longer held)

Mother Road 100 belt buckle


Old Dominion 100

Old Dominion 100 belt buckle


Pine to Palm 100

Special awards to overall male and female winners. Buckles to all 100 mile finishers. Special buckle for sub-24 hour finishers

Pine to Palm 100 belt buckle


Pinhoti 100

Pinhoti 100 belt buckle


Rio del Lago 100

Rio del Lago 100 belt buckle


Rocky Raccoon 100

Rocky Raccoon 100 belt buckle


San Diego 100

All finishers will receive their finisher’s medallion, belt buckle, embroidered finisher’s hoodie, finisher’s coffee cup and sponsor donated giveaways shortly after crossing the finish line. However, we highly encourage finishers, crews, pacers, and family to stick around at the finish line and enjoy watching others finish. There will be food and refreshments available until the last runner finishes.

San Diego endurance run belt buckle


Tahoe Rim Trail 100

Tahoe Rim Trail 100 belt buckle


Umstead Trail 100

All runners who finish the 100 mile Umstead Ultra will receive a “Hundred Miler” finisher certificate from the North Carolina Ultra Running Association that’s suitable for framing, and can choose between either a belt buckle or a silver pendant as their reward.

Umstead Trail 100 belt buckle


Vermont 100

Vermont 100 belt buckle


Wasatch Front 100

A beautifully engraved plaque depicting the race course will be awarded to all official finishers.

Wasatch Front 100 belt buckle


Western States 100

All finishers in under 24:00:00 hours will receive the hand-made silver Western States Endurance Run belt buckle.

All finishers who finish in a time of 24:00:00 but under 30 hours will receive the hand-made bronze Western States Endurance Run belt buckle to commemorate their achievement.

Western States 100 belt buckle

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