The Mystery Drop Bag Challenge

Jamil and Schuyler from over at Mountain Outpost decided to do a challenge race consisting of consuming everything found within left over drop bags between four 1 mile loops. If you’ve never seen runner drop bags before they contain anything from snacks to first aid gear and a multitude of mental boosting rewards.

As expected the people that didn’t return to pickup their drop bags were probably newer runners. New runners will over compensate in their drop bags. Personally I’ve always collected mine after a race, or even worse, I’ve carried all the contents within the bag for the rest of the race with me (I’m looking at you Georgia Death Race and that 25lb bag I carried).


Spoilers ahead so watch the video first!

The first bags are pretty even but the 2nd bag for Schuyler sets a whole new level of overkill. The mixture of different types of gels and foods really throws me off that someone was training using so many different products. I doubt I keep food down if I was switching between so many synthetic products. Jamil got a few older opened food items that started to even up the race on the 3rd bag but I doubt I could stomach eating 2 entire rolls of mints and then running a mile in that heat without getting sick.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen or put into your drop bag? Let us know in the comments below.

Peter Jaegersen

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