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Wow. It seems like forever since I’ve been on here. I’m not sure why. I always think of stuff I want to document or chat about but then I get sidetracked and it never happens.

So what’s been going on over here? Not a whole lot. Things calmed down quite a bit after World’s for PJ in November and I let myself just follow a “whatever” plan since then. Meaning I do a little bit of something everyday but just whatever feels good.

I’ve been doing quite a few rides on the bike trainer and I’m really liking it. Mostly because it makes me not feel so guilty for watching my reality shows and other indulgences. Hi, Kardashians. Also, thank gosh for parents with DVR because we cut cable and I use their login to watch shows I record on their DVR online. The quality isn’t the best but it’s free and it gets me through 1+ hours on the bike so I can’t complain. Technology is just the best, isn’t it?

We have the Rocks and Roots trail series coming up in a week from Sunday, January 10. How’d that happen already? I am definitely not ready but I know I have a solid base so I’ll survive. A part of me wishes I had kept up with training hard after my failed attempt at Stone Steps 50K at the end of October but mentally I just knew I needed a break and I’m starting to get hungry again for a challenge so I think I made the right choice.

I am so excited to be back running the Rocks & Roots 50K again this year, followed by the 50 mile race on February 7. It’s even more exciting since the guys from Rocks & Roots have been working their trail tails off to get 2 additional miles added to the loop so instead of 5 10 mile loops we will only have to do 4 loops in February 🙂

I figure I will start documenting training once I get a real schedule in place, which will happen by this weekend. I’ve been trying to do hills every Tuesday, mostly out at Alum Creek Dam which has over 50ft. of gain in not a lot of distance which ends up looking like this on Garmin:Alum Creek dam repeats

This was about 3.5 miles worth. It’s a real burner but totally worth it. I’ve noticed that my legs aren’t as sore for days after like they were last year when I first started doing this so that makes me really happy with how well I could do this year at Georgia Death race in May since I feel a step ahead of where I started last year with a summer’s worth of hard trail runs coming off a 100 miler and hill repeats already under my belt.

I’ll be sure to update next week with some training and also a look at everything I’m going to pack for the 50K on Sunday!


Happy trails,


Thailyr Scrivner

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