Why it’s ok to ask for help sometimes (macros and ultra running)

It’s so hard to utter (or in my case type) those three words sometimes. No, not I love you because I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask for relationship advice because if we’re going there my advice would be to meet someone in person for the first time at 4AM in a park in the dark, middle of the night and not think twice about it. (Hey, that’s total normal runner behavior! I’m so lucky that happened to work out good for me 🙂 ) I mean saying “I need help.” Why is it so darn hard to just admit you’re lost and can’t quite figure something out yourself and just need someone to help you out.


My eating habits just weren’t good and they definitely had an affect on my daily activities and probably my running at times. It’s not that I was eating bad foods, in fact when I did eat I was eating very well, but rather I wasn’t eating enough of the right kinds of foods. I probably wasn’t eating enough protein on the daily and who knows if I was even eating enough carbs to fuel my running. I tried researching all of these things on my own over the past few months but it just became overwhelming and I was a little worried that I would put myself through trials for a couple weeks only for it to be a total dud and to have a negative effect on training.


So I reached out to someone whose work I believed in- a pharmacist, nutrition coach, lifter, and endurance athlete who was practicing what she’s preaching as I felt like counting my macros (with a focus on micros) and flexible dieting was what I saw working for me. I didn’t want to be a slave to a “diet” but I wanted to make sure I’m at least getting the essentials I need each day to fuel my training.


For the past few weeks I’ve been working at a base of 170 grams Carbohydrates, 52 grams Fat and 135 grams Protein every day and recently adding in 50 grams of Carbohydrates per hour of running. I use MyFitnessPal to track my weighted foods for each meal and snacks.


I still feel like I’m working on what works best for me in terms of day before and day of long runs macros but other than that it’s been a world of differences daily. I’m eating way more consistently and I have noticed a shift in energy levels-one that’s constant throughout the day.


I’ll continue updating my progress and training as my macros increase and my carbs cycle with my runs. I really look forward to seeing these changes inside and out!

Thailyr Scrivner

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