Don’t be so quick to judge runners

Happy National Running Day! I obviously did what every other runner did..I ran. (Unless they were eating cake or something in which cake you’re excused)

I didn’t run much but that’s kind of the plan around here for a while. The Keys100 mile run was just 2.5 weeks away so I’ve been taking it pretty easy. Especially after I got this message on my watch after just an 8 mile trail run on Sunday:


I think it’s pretty clear my body hasn’t yet recovered. That certainly can’t be because as soon as we arrived home from vaca I decided to start daily HIIT sessions, PiYo and a bunch of other stuff up could it? Shoooot. It’s just so hard not to want to pick up where you left off and keep getting better and better.

Back to today’s run. I decided to keep it short & sweet but throw in a little intensity so I did a route consisting of a 1 mile run to a parking garage, 70 floors as fast as I could, and 1 mile back. As soon as I exited the garage for my 1 mile back I have to run a main road with quite a bit of traffic back to my house.

A car full of dudes whizzed past me and the proceeded to yell quite a few things but only 1 I could understand as they yelled it right within earshot: “You’re not running very fast.” Harmles? Sure. But it made me angry because they don’t know why I wasn’t going “very fast”. (I think I was doing about a 10:30 pace as I tried to get my HR down from 185 from my last set of stairs)

They don’t know that I just finished running 100 miles 2 weeks ago and my body is still recovering and can’t handle fast + hard quite like it usually can.

They don’t know that I haven’t quite let myself relax after such a difficult accomplishment so much that I can barely go more than 2 hours without physical pain from my body wanting to sleep, yet I pushed myself through workouts for those 2 weeks in an attempt to be better.

They don’t know that I pushed myself so hard on a run this past weekend that my watch gave me THREE AND A HALF DAYS of recovery estimated.

They don’t know that I’m out on one of the few runs I’ve been able to do since the race and that no matter the pace, running helps me battle every little voice inside my head that screams “you’re not good enough” and “you’re wasting your time” and that they’re shoving more negativity into my mind just as I was trying to clean it out.

They don’t know that if they too went out on a run, trained for a race and went through the process they would probably be better people. Running has taught me not to judge anyone because you don’t know where they’re at or how far they’ve come.

They don’t know that I could probably outlast them.

So while I really wanted to make a snarky comment back or flip them the bird, I decided to just do what I know best – put one foot in front of the other. All smart runners know that’s going to say a lot more than words ever can.

Thailyr Scrivner

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