Wrapping up training for Georgia Death Race

We made it. We finished our last hard training run yesterday and pretty much have concluded training for Georgia Death Race which takes place this Saturday, March 14 at 6:00 AM. I can’t believe, with the exception of a few short taper runs, that we’ve come to the end of training. This is the unfortunate time where you need nothing but sleep but you can’t help but lay staring at the ceiling at night thinking “maybe I could have ran a little farther, or done a little more incline.” Truth is, there’s nothing that can be done at this point that would help so it’s time to trust in the training.

This weekend was pretty relaxed. Saturday we did 8 faster-paced miles on the Olentangy Trail followed by 2,000ft. of elevation gain on the Hoover Dam hill on Sunday. It was hard to stop yesterdays workout. It has finally started to warm up and yesterday was about 40 degrees with a hot sun and it was so invigorating. It woke me up entirely from that winter slog I think I’ve fallen into the past month. It instantly refreshed my head, my legs and my soul. I even found myself running around the grocery store after our workout yesterday, literally. PJ has claimed me the worst taper-er in ever. There are worse things. There will also be plenty of time to suffer on hills this weekend 🙂

I feel pretty confident going into this one. My legs have definitely gotten stronger with key hill, incline, and distance runs we’ve done over the past couple months. I really think it will be a matter of not burning out too quick in this race, allowing ourselves to be slower in the start and feel good throughout. 40,000ft. of elevation change is no joke. I have no pain perception of this but my mind can make sense of it pretty well at this point.

We’ll start our drive Thursday afternoonish and take breaks along the way. We only have a hotel for Friday and Sunday night down in Georgia as of now and I can’t wait to get to this cute little German place PJ found. I haven’t really looked it up but his description makes it sound unique to anywhere I’ve stayed and I look forward to being surprised (even though I always try to ruin my own surprises pretty much always). Then we have the pre-race meeting Friday at 6 PM and then getting as much sleep as we can before the race.

Time to pack all the necessities. Then probably revaluate all my choices and repack. It’s supposed to rain throughout the week and maybe on race day and the temperatures in the mountains this time of year vary. I’m thinking it will feel pretty warm during the way considering we’ve gotten used to 10-20 degrees and will drop pretty cold at night so we have to be prepared for pretty much anything. I’ll be sure to post our final packing list once it’s finalized.

Oh and it’s also NO CAFFEINE week. I’ll tell you what reintroducing it on race morning/day after not having it is one of the greatest buzzes ever but it sure makes for a BLAH first few days coupled with poor rest.



We finished the 2015 Georgia Death Race and wrote up a decent recap of the event. We’ll be returning in 2016 so check our other posts for updates on the next round of GDR training.

Thailyr Scrivner

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