Spring running gear I’m currently diggin’


Spring Running Gear

  1. This Anthropologie sweater. I think I can justify this purchase because I will live in this. Might even shower with it. At least it’ll be clean then.
  2. Huge fan of “nice” looking workout gear and these Brooks ombre crops are just that for me. I’m limiting all future purchases to whether or not I could potentially run/workout in them.
  3. The amount of items I put in a Oiselle cart in a week (that I talk myself out of buying) is absurd. However, spring and summer are coming up and my tank supply is limited and the Oiselle Farrow Tank is on point.I also love the Stripped Tank but I don’t really understand bras for shirts like that so I’m avoiding.
  4. It’s time for me to hop on the Hoka train, especially with the Keys100 coming up which is mostly pavement. Someone suggested I might do well in a pair of these Clifton’s so I’m heading to try on a pair this week.
  5. Spring has me wanting all things outdoor – running on trails, camping, hiking and this mountain ring would be the perfect reminder of things I love.
  6. Also on my need list, a nice pair of running sunglasses and I could definitely see myself in a pair of these Julbo ‘Whoops’. Squinting for too long starts to give me a headache and long, outdoor runs in the beating sun are soon to be inevitable.
  7. I’ve had my eye on this Run Pretty Far sweatshirt for a while now and it pretty much describes my entire life in just a few words.

I didn’t exactly mean to, but purple (or purple-ish) over everything has happened again. I can’t help it anymore, it’s who I am. Time to go spend the last paycheck on all this spring running gear. Something about warmer weather makes me want to spend more money when I’ll be wearing less. Probably because the trails are pretty much empty in the winter and no one ever really sees me.

Thailyr Scrivner

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