Working on strength with hill runs

Hill runs are kind of like celebrities. From afar, they seem so lovely but once you get to know them you’re all like “eh, they don’t make me feel so great.”

I just love something that makes me realize there’s still things I can be working toward to be a better athlete and a better runner. That burn makes me angry but it also brings a certain satisfaction in knowing exactly what I need to be working on.

Harrison running hill

While visiting my parents I decided to work on strength with hill runs at “the hill”, which PJ and I renamed FernBurn. FernBurn has 130ft. of elevation gain per 0.20 miles. And up and down and up and down I went, putting in 7 sets. I wanted to get 10 sets but I had a date with some family and wings and I wasn’t about to miss either. Side note: I’m publishing this Thursday and I can still feel that workout via my butt, so it was a success.

This was really great to work on my uphill and downhill, both running and walking. Running I was able to between a 9:30 and 10:30 min/mi pace and could walk a 15:00. 15:00 would be a great pace on the hills for Georgia Death Race seeing as we’re in it to finish and that would require about a 20:00 overall average pace for 68 miles in 24 hours (seems easy until you encounter some gnarly elevation.)

We took Sunday and yesterday off as rest days since we have a 50 mile race this weekend so we wanted to go into this week fresh. We usually do some sort of incline training on Tuesday, whether that be hills or stair master, so this fit perfectly. This week’s pretty light with the 50 mile race on Sunday so TAPER TANTRUMSSSS!

Of course it’s going to rain and be warm on Sunday. This might be Rocks & Roots part 1 from last year all over again. Or our first Tough Mudder of the season, however you want to look at it.

Thailyr Scrivner

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