Why you, an Ultrarunner, should date an Ultrarunner

Running and training for an ultra with your sig other can do wonders for your relationship. So instead of shying away for fear that you’re boy/girlfriend may quickly be turned off by some of your runnerisms (they won’t) I give you reasons why you should date an ultrarunner:

You quickly get passed that awkward “I don’t want them to know I’m pooping” phase

When you’re spending 6+ hours out on the trail on Saturday and Sunday, unless you’re fortunate enough to empty yourself completely pre-run, you’re going to have to go at some point. It’s an understood feeling amongst runners that when you gotta go, go now and feel better. There’s not much you can hide when you’re using the porta potty or going in the woods.


You’ll learn important visual cues about each other

You know if your partner is or isn’t eating enough on the run. After a simple suggestion “hey, I think you should be eating more” it’s up to them. Once they don’t you know you’re in for a bout of hardcore hunger soon enough. You now know their hunger face. In the mornings when you do nothing but grunt at them, they’ll know you’re not angry or mad, they’re just plain hungry. Be a gem and show them to the food.


They won’t criticize your amount of running gear

Them:”Do you really need another pair of shoes?”

You:”I only have a good pair of road shoes. I need a new pair for trails.”

Them:”What’s the difference?”

You (thinking): You’re the difference. We’re too different. You’ll just never understand.

Your collection of shoes, packs, bottles, electrolyte mix, socks (wool, over-the-calf, no-show tab, blister prevention), gels, they all suddenly become a shrine. Your own personal museum that you can both stare at in amazement as the collection grows. There is no price on a growing collection of running gear, amiright?!


They’ll actually buy you stuff you want for special occasions

My birthday present this year is a good example – a new Garmin! Runners are a pretty easy group to buy for in general, but being a runner yourself you know the kind of gear that’s truly a cheap knockoff and something that’s worth spending your money on. When you’re dating a runner they know the latest fads and trends so you can be sure they have their eye on soon-to-be-released products that you’ll be donning soon enough.


Your eating capabilities suddenly become sexy

I’ve seen PJ throw down on some pizza and after a 30-mile run, or even a carb-load Thursday before a long weekend, it’s not disgusting. Quite the contrary. You both know that eating and eating often is what will fuel your performance, so eating large amounts of food won’t be met with disgust, it will be applauded.


Fancy will mean you’re wearing jeans

Spending a lot of time training means spending a lot of time in shorts or spandex. So on the rare occasion that you go out to dinner or a date to the movies, simply dressing in jeans will get you a “Wow..you look great!” No fancy dresses for date nights, just those blue jeans that you’ve had for years. Yum.

Thailyr Scrivner

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