Rocks & Roots Trail series race #1, 50K

The good news is, when we both finished we were talking about how we could run more. We weren’t in bad shape. Mentally, I kind of checked out but I think that’s pretty normal when you know you’re out there to run a 50K and nothing more that day.

We decided not to go all out since we’re using this series for training for Georgia Death Race and more time on feet, the better.

We finished just over 7 hours and the conditions for the day couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s been pretty cold around here, in the negatives at some parts during the day and especially at night and it pretty much remained below freezing leading up to it so the ground stayed frozen and we didn’t have a melted slosh mudfest like last year. But on raceday it was a nice 20 degrees. Enough to keep me from overheating but not too cold to where I wasn’t comfortable with the layers I had on.

This was the first 50K on the new Rocks & Roots trail which is a 10K loop that Rocks & Roots Trail Runners Association have been working to build throughout the summer. So that meant 5 laps, which was good at building some mental strength because after a few it’s hard to go out on the same loop you just did.

There were a few parts that were pretty slick on the downhill and I ate it twice, but other than that the first few laps were very enjoyable as the snow hadn’t been packed down too hard just yet.

I experimented with Tailwind, while it did work pretty well I also was only drinking 10oz per 10K lap, with 1 scoop of Tailwind in my bottle so that was only 100 calories/hour I was taking in. That’s not enough for me and after 3 laps of this I realized I was pretty hungry at that point, but I shouldn’t have let myself get that hungry. I ate a gel and over the next couple laps had a few handfuls of snacks at aid stations – some chips, mini PB&J, animal crackers. After 4 hours I realized I simply just wanted to eat. Especially when you’re starting so early and I hadn’t really eaten breakfast that morning and we were almost into lunchtime I just wanted to chomp on some food. Maybe I’d feel differently if I had drank a little more – something I will probably test at the 50 mile.

My lower back was hurting pretty bad by mile 25 but I believe it to be a combination of too much heel-striking and poor core strength. I have been SO SO bad about doing any core exercises this training cycle and I think it’s finally biting me in the ass hard.

The good news is, since this was essentially training we’re back to running today with miles 32-44 of the Georgia Death Race course so I don’t have to sulk in post-race blues.

Somehow I always write these around lunchtime and that makes me happy because running makes me happy which makes me think about food which also makes me happy and now it’s time to eat.

Thailyr Scrivner

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