Georgia Death Race treadmill training, miles 55-64

For anyone who’s just starting this blog on this post, I just wanted to fill you in on this series. PJ and I have been training for Georgia Death Race by simulating the courses elevation gain on a treadmill at various inclines.

Gym treadmills are not made for ultrarunners. At all.

Maybe it’s just this gym, but it shuts down after 90 minutes. It pains me when I have to stop the workout, wait for the incline to go down to 0, select for it to go back up to said incline, then restart the workout.

I was pleasantly surprised with how I felt throughout this entire workout considering the hard StairMaster workout we did yesterday. And how ditzy and out of it I was all day.

Got to the gym, forgot my paper with the inclines for miles 55-64. Had to figure that out quickly before starting the workout, got half of them done, realized I was doing the elevation loss not gained. Got onto the treadmill, my silicone earbud covers went flying off and backwards into a crowd of people who proceeded to step on them. Woof. At this point, I was just ready to get going. So what did I do? Picked them up, placed them on my earphone, and slapped em in my ears. Gross, right? Eh, whatever. Grosser things have happened to me on a run.

Once I got going, I felt good and really strong. Could have picked up the pace but allowed myself to keep it easier (maybe this training is really working and paying off? I hope.)

Mile         Incline

55                  7%

56                  5.5%

57                  10%

58                 11%

59                 8%

60                 9%

61                  2.5%

62                 1.5%

63                 2%

64                 1.5%

Got home, stuffed my face and was greeted by this photo when I checked Facebook before bed

Thank you, Sean “Run Bum” (Georgia Death Race race director.) That’s a finisher’s spike in a tree. To which I responded will probably be similar to how my quads will be feeling on race day – like they’re being stabbed. Can’t wait!

*Cue psychotic laugh followed by a nervous gulp*

Thailyr Scrivner

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