Georgia Death Race miles 45-54 treadmill elevation simulation run

It’s so hard to take your run inside when it’s a warm 40 in January. I feel kind of crazy for doing so but those flat roads aren’t going to help me much when it comes to running elevation (I learned my lesson hard at Burning River 100 with that) at the georgia death race.

So, alas, we took our butts to Planet Pizza Fitness and did our treadmill elevation simulation run. I really hope this pays off. There have been some really tough incline workouts, so it’s gotta be better than nothing.


Tonight’s workout went a little something like this:

Mile         Incline

45                  7%

46                  4%

47                  1%

48                 1%

49                 1.5%

50                 3.5%

51                  1%

52                 5%

53                 9%

54                 6%


Now these aren’t exact to this years course and are based of a user-submitted Garmin report from 2013, but for the most part should be fairly close to what the actual course will yield.

Our Wednesday’s are always semi-long runs, between 10 and 15, so we’ll have run out of sections to run after next week. We plan on going back to some of the harder sections once we make it though them all.

I don’t know what’s up with me (probably my hormones) but my uterus keeps speaking to me about chocolate. So I keep eating chocolate. Not the good-for-you dark chocolate either. I’m talking milk-chocolate-covered pretzels, Rolo’s, I can’t stop. So needless to say my gut felt like my butt. In other news, my butt got a great workout. So I guess it evens out.


Thailyr Scrivner

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