Georgia Death Race indoor training part 3, miles 31-34

If it’s one emotion that Georgia Death Race is bringing out in me, it’s fear. It’s already kept me awake several nights just thinking about the elevation and it’s still January. 2 more months of this..just. breathe.

This week we only had 4 miles on the schedule since we have a 50K coming up on Sunday. Since we’re using the 50K series (but we’re switching from the 50K to the 50mi. option in February) we chose not to take a typical taper and still do harder workouts the week of.

Overall, the week was still lighter than normal:

Sunday: 12 miles

Monday: strength training (pull-ups, leg extensions, leg curls, calf extensions, row..)

Tuesday: 2 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles (miles 31-34 of GDR)

Then we have 6 on the schedule for tomorrow, two days of some rest, and 32 miles Sunday.

Since we’ve been simulating the GDR course on all Wednesday runs (and some Saturday and Sunday) “only 4 miles” doesn’t mean easy, quick, done, bam, boom, not so bad.

I was dripping buckets by the time we finished this one:

Mile 31 – 6% incline

32 – 12.5%

33 – 10%

34 – 11%

We tried to keep the pace between 10:00-14:00 since that’s the avg we’re shooting for throughout the race.

As much as this race has me fearful, I’m equal parts giddy about it all and can’t help but daydream of crossing the finish line with the biggest smirk I can manage at the time across my face.

Thailyr Scrivner

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