Georgia Death Race indoor training part 2, miles 9-30

I won’t lie, I was pretty scared for this workout. Originally we planned to do 22 miles of the Georgia Death Race on the treadmill Saturday (using the same indoor-elevation-treadmill-incline style training as we did simulating the first 8 miles of the course) but after a day of necessary chores, our run started a little later than planned and we didn’t get to the gym until about 6 p.m.

After a few hours, we both looked at each other around 9:30 and were like “Shit, we’re gonna be here all night.” And we’re really trying to allow sleep to be an important part of our lives, a team I’m ok with being on, so we left around 10 only doing the first 12, which looked like:

Mile         Incline

9                   2%

10                 9.5%

11                  1.5$

12                 8.7% (used 8.5%)

13                 6%

14                 10%

15                 9.3%

16                 5%

17                 6%

18                 7.3% (used 7%)

19                 8.3% (8%)

20                10.5%


These were done at various speeds depending on how we felt during the segment, trying to keep overall pace for the day between 11:00-13:00/mi.

Surprisingly I felt GREAT and was pretty sad to stop for the night. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with my new crush being with me at the gym – HELLLOO TAILWIND please be my knight in shining armor! – but I just felt it. Hands down the best part was PJ and I walking into the gym with a bag full of food, just in case, and me being scared I’d get in trouble for eating on the ‘mill and shoving 1/2 a Picky Bar down my throat as an employee walked by.

Sunday was devoted to finishing Saturday’s long run with the remaining 10 miles. I woke up feeling pretty sore so I wasn’t sure how these would go:

Mile         Incline

21                   1.5%

22                 7.6%

23                 11.5% (sweat city)

24                 9.6% (used 9.5%)

25                 1%

26                 11.5%

27                 1%

28                 4.5%

29                 4%

30                 5%


The last 3 were a struggle, but we finished, and without much walking on this one. I was happy to be feeling that good running on tired legs. This means we’ve run a little under 1/2 of the course the best of our ability. We’ll also do some longer runs on trails for technicality and use this as our primary elevation along with the stepmill.

We have a 50K this Sunday to kick off the 2015 race season which will be an excellent trail training run.

HOLLA because it’s the first Monday of the month and we’re heading to the gym where the free pizza awaits.


Thailyr Scrivner

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