Hillwork at Hoover Dam

I feel kind of silly that I’ve lived in Columbus for quite some years yet and this is my first trip to Hoover Reservoir Park.


Besides it having a pretty nifty view, it’s one of the closest places that have a shitload of stairs. Which fits perfectly into our training cycle for Georgia Death Race and what we’re trying to accomplish.


Yup. That would be 91 stairs. I didn’t count but some random internet user did so thank you for that. I can’t run and do math at the same time, like ever. Thank god for GPS watches or I would probably run 10 miles more than I need to every run.

We chose to make that grassy path to the top of the ~100ft. hill. Perfect for training for Georgia Death Race. For estimation sake, we’ll be doing 588ft. of elevation change PER MILE in Georgia. 40,000′ total over 68ish miles. Sometimes I want to throw up just thinking about it. Sometimes I can’t help but smile a wide sadistic smile thinking about it.

So Sunday PJ and I did a lovely 2.5 hours going up and down and up and down this thing. Sometimes running, sometimes hiking. But it’s now Wednesday and I’m still feeling it in my quads, which I try to keep telling myself means they won’t feel this way on race day if I’m feeling it now (HA – right, they will feel worse..but I WANT MY DAMN FINISHERS SPIKE!)


It was challenging, which is fun, but mentally I wouldn’t say it was very fun. But I know this will help come race day when I get into rough spots later on in the race.

It’s the little things when you get 1.5 hours into a workout that involves up and down the same hill like finding a dead fish on the side of the road. That dead fish kept me entertained the next half hour. I was timing how long it took until I saw the fish again. Oh runner brain, you are so screwy sometimes.

Talking about the workout makes me quads hurt all over again. Good thing we’re off to do treadmill elevation training in an hour!

We may not have big, beautiful mountains here in central Ohio, but we’re working with what we got training-wise so that come race day, we can enjoy the views those mountains will give us, instead of suffering and wishing to be anywhere but.



Thailyr Scrivner

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