How the Blendtec changed my life

You know that moment, when something is introduced into your life and suddenly you’re all “how did I ever live without this?!”

I’ve probably said this about many things before, but now I know I really didn’t mean it until we received a Blendtec this year for Christmas. Honestly after my first smoothie, watching the ingredients just flow like a running river around the jar for 30 seconds had me giving the Hamilton Beach blender sitting right next to it quite the stare down. It’s like the moment you realize that person you’ve been hanging out with for way to long is really a huge douche and you can’t help but stink eye the shh outta them.

Smoothies are just the beginning. I can’t wait to start trying out nut butters, soups, blending fresh bread mixes, really it goes on.

The smoothie option is a timed 30-second cycle and from the 10 smoothies I’ve had so far no matter what’s in it it’s chopped smooth in that time frame.

Pros: blends phenomenally on its own (taking out the steps where you have to physically stir it yourself), easiest cleanup EVER, a bunch of awesome pre-set features like ice cream – had my initial attention when searching for a new blender right then and there (I’ll update once I try out a few more features), we have the Wildside+ Jar but I’ve only filled it about 1/2 full with ingredients and it’s enough to fill 2 glasses and have some left over so if you want to save an extra $20 and you’re not making large batches you’d probably be fine,.

Cons: during the cycle it gets LOUD for about 15 seconds. No shameless late night cookie dough smoothies for me because everyone in the house will hear this.

You can find pretty sweet deals on a refurbished one, which comes with a 2-year warranty anyway so to me saving the extra $100-300 dollars is way worth that.


Thailyr Scrivner

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