Turmeric, an unconventional training necessity

I had someone ask for my opinion on training gear the other day for ultras. I’m sure they assumed I would give them a list of my favorite winter tights, jacket, gloves, a foam roller and so on. Instead the first thing I immediately said was “turmeric! you so have to start using turmeric.”

When she told me she’d never heard of it or used it, this made me sad. I’m not knocking the importance of an omega-3 supplements for reducing inflammation but it’s got nothin’ on my au natural inflammation powerhouse of choice turmeric.

turmeric root

PJ had really bad shin pain about a year ago. So much that even short runs were becoming intolerable. I had been searching anti-inflammatory supplements on my own for some time at this point as I knew I’d be needing something in the upcoming months as mileage increased when we would begin training for our 100 mile race. I told him he needed to try turmeric as I was finding so many sources giving so much praise to this spice – reducing inflammation, antioxidant, aids digestion, the list goes on.

He did the smart thing, listened to me, and in a couple weeks of sippin’ some ginger turmeric tea the pain had vastly subsided. We  both started taking it in capsule form in the morning, after a run and sometimes at night and I can honestly say I never once used it while training or even during the race. Shiz is incredible.

We’ve also started sneaking it into meals like tacos, chicken, the possibilities are really endless. It has a pretty strong taste though so I wouldn’t use too much or else it’ll overpower the flavor of your meal.

Especially with long distance running, I’m so glad we found a healthy, safe alternative to using NSAIDs during strenuous exercise.

Thailyr Scrivner

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