Ready, Set, training Break!

Everything finally made sense when I read Mark Remy’s post the other day about taking a month off.

After PJ and I’s run at Burning River 100 in August I was beat up for a really long time. While I enjoyed every single step of that race, the recovery wasn’t easy and I didn’t allow myself to do so in the right way.

My thoughts beforehand: my endurance will be the best it’s ever been! I’ll just jump right into speed work and be tip-top for NYC Marathon! Hello BQ!

Yea, life and my body had other plans. I started getting sicker as the month went by, then another month, until a pretty nasty flu had us both out for a week. Nyquil wasted every night kind of thing.

Just because I wasn’t running though, doesn’t mean I was sitting around decomposing. We found ways to be active within reason without the beating of 6-10 hour weekend runs. A recent trip to Seattle had us hiking, at pretty decent elevation, most days and walking just about everywhere and weekend at Tough Mudder got us 20+ miles for the weekend.

Last night we even managed to get in a really good speed workout, 11×160’s (weird number I know, but it’s .10 mile). In fact, I don’t remember having better splits even while I was training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon where I had a PR.

Taking a training break from running, or training for any sport shouldn’t be seen as lazy or undedicated. After last night I feel more focused, relaxed and reset to take on a month of good, hard training, but this time I’ll be sure to do something I didn’t do much of this past training cycle – recovering. Lots of sleep, eating to fuel my body, more water and more stretching.

So did we lose fitness? No, not really. And if any, it’s something we can get back in a matter of two weeks. But what we did get was more than a month of great memories that we’ll certainly never lose.

Thailyr Scrivner

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