The Truth of Running

A Brigham Young University film studio group made this intervention style video on the truth of running. There’s a lot of truths in there about how the craving for new equipment pushes us into some risky situations to acquire it. I related to this video in a deeper way. Having to hide the shame of running from non-runners.  Where they feel I’m wasting my time doing something they don’t understand and constantly tell me how my hips, knees, or joints will all be destroyed before I’m 40 if I keep doing this. It’s similar to how people treat a drug addict, but this is actually healthy.

What’s weird about the people that judge and persecute runners is they are often all out of shape and unhealthy. I’m often asked where I find time to do all this training. I don’t just magically find a left over Rubbermaid container of it in the fridge. I have to go out and make it with the conviction I have to make it happen.

The truth of running is that it’s a competition within ourselves where only we can win. There’s always someone else losing to our running habit. That is, unless they are also a runner and come along on the journey too.

Peter Jaegersen

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