Meeting Meb Keflezighi

This past weekend we had the absolute honor and excitement of meeting the 3 time Olympian and Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi.

Meeting Meb KeflezighiThe broadcast of the Boston marathon cut out more often than my ginger bread man cookie cutter gets used. In those few glimpses of the broadcast seeing Meb cruising through Boston had us cheering from home. It wasn’t just what happened last year. It was more than just an american finally winning Boston. It was a moment in seeing an runner past his industry prime taking the lead, maintaining it, and crushing the competition.

Meb gave a short speech telling his history and inspiration to get where he is today. Most of the story I’ve heard and read in countless articles. The unknown parts resonated heavily as his soft spoken voice carried over a crowd of crying children. The drive to be great was in Meb since he was a young child. His God given talent as he calls it, was to run fast and long.

We ended up getting an autographed book and even had Meb sign one of my old running shoes and a Blerch 0.0 sticker. Personally I think the sticker is the coolest thing when surrounded by Blerch Balls and Ice cream.

Blerch and Meb

Signed Book


Peter Jaegersen

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