Columbus Color Run

It’s my 3rd year running in the Columbus Color run and needless to say, it only gets better every time! This was the first year my dad has been able to run the entire event without being injured or needing to walk it.

Schmidts Dinner After completing the Warrior Dash 2 months back he’s been training to make this race really count. Of course you can’t just run a Color run without a pre-race carb load! We aren’t exactly sure what a Carb is, but I’m pretty sure our dinner at Schmidts was full of them.

Dad got to pose with a Brat to earn his free dessert, which who can deny a chocolate cream puff? Great now I’m craving one again. Maybe after this weekends race Thailyr and I will indulge on some more Schmidts.

Color Run Swag PickupAside from packet pickup being a train wreck of teenagers on their cellphones and staff at Sports Authority aggressively trying to talk you into buying a wet towel I was excited to get the color run bags. I was hoping they were selling a color run flag of some sort this year but stickers and tattoos seems to be the best of the bunch unless you want to collect a ton of socks. I just bought socks last month so I’m set right now.

Color RunThe color run itself was great! The smell of ribs at the starting area made it hard to concentrate on the run and kept reminding me that I forgot to eat breakfast. I didn’t even bring a mini-cliff bar snack since I knew we’d be eating ribs after the race ended. Next year I’m going to remember not to skip breakfast and to bring a snack. The wait for your wave to start took about 45 minutes.

color run map

37:36 for my dad’s first complete 5k


Someone decided to bandit the race wearing my bib number. So they ended up in all my official pictures, but it’s pretty easy to tell we look nothing alike. Except the teeth:

the bandit

I’m not sure how, but in all the color zones Thailyr only seemed to get yellow on face. It looked cute and I’m pretty sure it only happened because she wore yellow prewrap.

Thailyr with Yellow

Her yellow side is her good side.

Peter Jaegersen

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