Burning River 100 Mile pre-race rambles

Why just dip your toes when you can jump right in? That’s kind of how I came into ultra running. PJ convinced me to do a 50K series this past January and February, I was pretty reluctant to this at first, but I decided it was necessary. Yes, NECESSARY.

I’d done three marathons at that point but I always knew I wanted to do more, I wanted to push myself farther and PJ’s talk of his experience from World’s Toughest Mudder 2013, a 24-hour endurance/obstacle race, was all I really needed.

After completing both 50Ks, with a much improved time on the second, it didn’t take much to convince me to do 100. With Cleveland only being about two hours from Columbus it made sense to do the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run, a point-to-point race. There would be plenty of time to train and it would be easy travel.

February gave me a bug-bite-like itch but it’s grown into poison ivy. I can’t stop scratching it and I don’t want to no matter now much it hurts. Because once you get past the initial pain, it just feels so damn good.

Training leading into this has been great, we’ve been eating good and we’ve been making ourselves relax as much as possible. We always joke about being sponsored by a pizza place but to be honest, you would be extremely impressed by that number if we had a slice counter.

Our back-to-back weekends allowed us to iron out a few details on fueling and hydration. I was just telling PJ this past weekend how “it’s been forever” since we ran a long weekend to which he reminded me was actually just two weeks before that, with a 30-20.

I took that as a sign that we’re ready and together we’ll do this. Our goal is under 24 hours, best case, but finishing is the ultimate goal.

Drop bags are packed, crew bags are ready and our legs are fresh. Tomorrow we’ll head up to Cleveland for packet pickup and on Saturday at 5:00 a.m. we’ll head out on the trails.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ll have the best (I’d argue for best looking too) company with me. How often is it that you find someone who not only challenges you to be the best version of yourself, but who will be there with you literally every step of the way?

If you want to follow our journey, race directors have said live updates/split times will be available at my-finish.com/br100  (updates available at ~14, 29, 40, 55, 66, 76, 91 and 100!)

Peter Jaegersen #372Thailyr Scrivner #297

If you’re interested in more about the race check out http://www.westernreserveracing.com/events/burning-river-100/


Special thanks to grapefruit cups for being so magical, to caffeine who I’ve missed so dearly and can’t wait to see again on Saturday, and to ooey gooey gels for always being there for me when I need you most.

Thailyr Scrivner

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